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No more fanny packs?! 3 styles to say goodbye to this year

It might be time to replace your fanny packs.

Trends are fluid – they come and go. So it’s about time to let go of a few that have been big for the past few years. There are plenty of stylish ways to replace them, so if you love the function or comfort, you have options.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares three trends that are on the way out this year. The fanny pack has been a functional resurgence piece that many women love! Even though it might be time to say goodbye, you can find something that will be just as convenient.

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  • that is so weird fanny packs are still in style my 14 year old and all of her friends have them and they do perfect with a dress or a shirt and some shorts they go great with 6 inch pumps or 9 inch steletoes