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Bethany Sinks

No space for a craft room? This craft wall is the creative solution

Build your own craft wall to organize your supplies.

Many women dream of a designated craft room, a creative space all your own, but it’s often not a practical use of family real estate.

Décor Stylist Bethany Sinks says you don’t need a craft room, a craft wall is the solution to keeping pretty things organized and handy.

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How to Create a Craft Wall


  • White Peg board cut to desired size
  • PVC trim board
  • 1×2 pieces of lumber
  • Black screws
  • Tiny nails
  • Long screws or long nails
  • Hooks and baskets (available at Lowes or Home Depot, garage accessory section)
  • Wrapping Paper Holder (All Wrapped Up)


  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Putty or filler
  • Dot of paint
  • Long nails or screws
  • Stud finder
  • A level


First measure your wall space to determine the size you want your craft wall to be. The pegboard comes in a standard size 8’x4’

When purchasing your supplies at Home Depot or Lowes they can cut some of the pieces to your desired measurements.

Make the secure frame that goes under the pegboard first. With your long screws or nails, screw or hammer in the frame that the peg board will attach to by using the 1×2 pieces of lumber. Be sure to use your stud finder to nail or screw into the studs to keep your craft wall more secure.

Be sure the frame is a tiny bit smaller than the peg board itself. (By 2 inches) you want the peg board to overhang a tiny bit. You will also need to use the lumber to go down the middle of the frame 1 or 2 times to help the peg board stay flat and secure in the middle. Don’t use too many as that’ll be less peg holes you’ll be able to use at the lumber will block those holes. And be sure to use your level to make sure your pegboard will be straight.

Next attach your peg board by using black screws. By using black screws it helps camouflage them. You will screw them in through the peg board holes. Make sure your screw heads are a tiny bit bigger than the peg hole itself. You will screw the pegboard right into the lumber frame you attached to the wall.

Next add your PVC trim board as a frame. You will use tiny nails to do so as the tiny nails aren’t as noticeable. I suggest drilling a tiny hole halfway through to help hammering the nailing in a little bit easier.

Add some white putty or filler to fill in any gaps between the baseboard frame and you can add a dot of white paint on top of the tiny nails too.

Next add your accessories!

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