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No-Wrap Gift Wrap: 3 classy alternatives to the gift bag

These gift wrap ideas are upscale, but simple.

When it comes to gift wrapping, we like things easy – we also like impressive. Now you can have both!

Studio 5 Contributor Celeste Whitney says before you reach for a gift bag, consider these three alternatives. They are still fast, easy, and inexpensive, but with a bit higher-end presentation.

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3 No-Wrap Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift bags are super easy, but sometimes I want a little fancier feel. Here are a few alternatives that are still fast, easy and inexpensive but with a little higher end presentation.

  1. The Shirt Box Trick: if you alter a cheap shirt box with just a few folds and cuts, it makes a nice solid one piece box.
  2. Single Sheet of Paper: This is a fun way to wrap odd shapes, gift cards or small items. Using a printable (like THIS ONE, THIS ONE, or THIS ONE) fold it to length across the bottom, and turn the seam in at the top. Then finish it off with a hole punch and yard, a clip or staples.
  3. Fabric: for those unusually sized objects that are hard to wrap in general, grab a yard of fabric, bundle it up, and tie off the top.

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