Noah’s: A Party for Every Occasion

The different sized rooms allow you to host high quality, successful events whether it’s a few guests to a few hundred guests.

Brianna Michele presents five tips to make your Children’s party as successful as your happiest birthday party can be!

Children’s Party Tips

1) Party by numbers equitation: Child’s age + 1 = happy kids

a. For children under 8 years old, invite as many children as the child’s age plus one. Some parents choose to add 1 or 2 to this equation, only you can know what’s best for you and your child. Of course, the equation needs to adjust as children reach the preteen and teenage years.

2) Keeps those little hands busy with activities

a. Keeping kids busy is key to a great party. We’ve all heard our favorite little one complain that they are “bored.” Children without direction become tornadoes of disaster. Have activities and games available but don’t force them all to play at the same time. Give them options, or stations, to visit as they choose for as long as they like. It’s a good idea to have an adult at each station to give encouragement, explain rules, or keep the peace. Don’t make activities too long (15 minutes max) or they will lose interest no matter how “fun” they are.

3) Get out of the house

a. For the most stress free parties let the kids run around in someone else’s space! Pizza parlors, recreation centers and activity places give them a chance to expend energy while someone else cleans up the mess! On a tight budget? Try a public park or your own backyard, you’ll still have to clean up but it’ll be plates and streamers, not broken things from your living room!

4) Party favors and treats for all the kids

a. Favors do not have to be expensive or time consuming. Purchase all of the supplies and create a kit for each child to make their own favor. Decorate a party hat, string beaded necklaces, or personalize a placemat while cake is being served. This ends up being an activity and a fun favor to take home. Having the birthday child hand out the kits gives them the opportunity to thank each guest for coming.

5) Build memories by creating birthday traditions

a. Children won’t remember what color the balloons were but they will remember how they felt and what they did for years to come. Focus on creating memories for your family. Creating traditions brings people together.

i. Start a birthday journal. Have birthday child write a note about what they want this next year to be like. Parent’s write down favorite memories of the year, invite all guests to write messages, and record gifts each year in the same book.

ii. Have a birthday week. Give the child a gift each of the seven days. Hide the gifts with clues or poems to guide them each day. Sometimes its nice to have them do an act of service for the family before they get their present.

iii. King or Queen for a day. Have a crown or tiara for your child to wear all day. Let them select the family meals, sit in the front seat of the car if old enough, and be immune from the daily chores.

Noah’s Information

The first Noah’s location opened in Lindon in January 2007. Noah’s is getting ready to open their second building in Utah this October. It’s beautiful. Noah’s has offered all Studio 5 viewers the chance to come down and see their new South Jordan facility before the general public. Simply go online to and register for a tour of Noah’s new South Jordan building.

Hosting at Noah’s ensures successful, stress-free events. Reservations include virtually all the amenities you’ll need such as tables, chairs, A/V equipment, and much more. Your rooms will be set up and ready before you arrive. Noah’s staff also cleans up after you are finished.

General Information about Noah’s

Noah’s is a multi-use facility located in Lindon, UT, just off exit 275. Anyone can reserve a room for a few hours or even all day. Noah’s is the perfect place to host all your life’s events. The first Noah’s opened in February 2007 in Lindon. The second location will open this fall in South Jordan, UT this fall. More Noah’s facilities are planned to begin construction in Denver, Phoenix, and Dallas later this year.

• Website:


• Second location opening in South Jordan (approximately 110th South 3rd West a block north of CarMax and Walmart on 114th South, South Jordan Gateway) this fall

Features of Noah’s

Beautiful multi-use facility

• Racquetball courts, basketball/volleyball court, movie theater, meeting rooms, conference rooms, games rooms with pool tables, ping-pong, and more

• Perfect for weddings, business meetings, birthday parties, friendly get-togethers, reunions, corporate events, date nights

• Can reserve rooms for a few hours up to all day.

• Affordable. The deposit required by many other venues is more then the total cost of reserving a room at Noah’s.

• More amenities are included in reservations at Noah’s than any other venue.

• All natural hardwood floors, travertine tiles, oak wainscot, and natural paint tones provide a beautiful setting for events.
Reservations include:

• tables, chairs, linens, audio-visual equipment, set up and take down.

• 50″ HD plasma displays or 8′ projection video screen

• HD connections for video games, laptops, and more

• Over 250 channels with HD programming and sports packages

• Wireless Internet Access
Freedom to do what you want

• Listen to your own CDs, MP3 player, or choose from the XM stations

• Watch DVD or one of 250 channels HD programming

• Decorate the rooms anyway you’d like

• Layout the tables and chairs any way you’d like

Indoor and Outdoor Event Venues

• Reservations in the Main Hall include the Garden. Inside option for outdoor wedding if weather doesn’t cooperate.

• Beautiful Rooftop patio for outdoor events

Advantages to using Noah’s

• Easy to use and perfect for virtually any type of event (family, friends, business, etc)

• Simple to reserve online ( or over the phone (1-800 MY-NOAHS)

• Helpful event staff

• You can bring your own food, drinks, and decorations at not additional cost

• You don’t have to clean up

• You don’t lose control of your event. You don’t have to choose from a specific menu, room layout, or service provider

• Decorate the way you want, hire your favorite caterer, use your own photographers, etc.

Benefits of using Noah’s

• Reduce event-hosting stress

• Enjoy your own events

• Save time and money

• Freedom to host events the way you want to

• Maintain control of your event, personal touch and comfort of hosting guests at home

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