Non-Food Neighbor Gifts

Studio 5 Contributor, Kristine McKay shares five neighbor gifts that won’t put on a single pound.

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Tin Christmas Tree Wall Hanging: An adorable wall hanging made out of sheet metal from Home Depot. Pattern Christmas paper is decopauged on to create a patchwork Christmas tree. It has a ribbon attached at the top to hang on your wall.

Christmas CD: Give the gift of music. Make a CD of your favorite Christmas music (legally downloaded) and decorate the CD box with your favorite Christmas scrapbook supplies.

Christmas Coasters: Purchase 14 cent ceramic tiles from Home Depot. Decorate with your favorite Christmas Scrapbooking supplies and cover with a water-proof lacquer.

“Santa I’ve been . . .” Door Hanger: Cover a wooden door hanger (available at Michaels) with the pattern provided (on Kristine’s website). It has the phrase “Santa I’ve been . . .” with an arrow that point to bad or good. You can give this gift alone or tie to the top of a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne.

Christmas Journal: Cover a composition book and make a label for each individual family such as “McKay Family Christmas Journal”. Instructions include yearly tabs for the next five years. Use this book each year to have the family members include their gift list as well as favorite memories. It is fun to unpack it each year and read the fun memories from the year before.

Kristine McKay enjoys paper crafting and all things creative and she loves to share her inspiration with other women.

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