Novelty Girls Barrettes

Studio 5 Contributor, Corinne Jensen shows how to make these cute one-of-a-kind accessories.


– Felt, two colors

– Embroidery floss

– Embroidery needle

– Button, for embellishment

– Hair clip

– Scissors

– Template design


Trace two of the main template designs onto the felt.

1. Trace one of the center template designs onto a coordinating color of felt.

2. Cut out all three pieces.(set one of the main designs aside, you will not need it until the end)

3. With a needle and embroidery floss stitch the center design onto ONE of the main designs.

4. Then sew the button on in the center of that. (You can use the same floss.)

5. Now get the second main design piece and the hair clip. Pop the clip through to the back of the design and snap shut.

6. Line the two main designs up and stitch them together.
Knot or tie off the floss when you have stitched around the entire design and you are done!

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