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Organizing Collections: 3 things to think about when tidying up these family treasures

Organizing collections can be tricky!

Here’s an organizing trouble spot: how to use, display, or store your treasured collections. You know – the things you have gathered up and hunted for. Or, they may be items that have been handed down.

Michelle Inkley shares some direction for what can be a spring cleaning moment of reckoning.

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3 Ways to Start Organizing Collections

Collections are Possessions

Find a Space

Downsize When It’s Time

Michelle Inkley is an organizer, wedding and event planner, and a DIY gal that just wants to make pretty things. She has a knack for putting together a beautiful tablescape, or home décor grouping using what she has on hand or can easily make. Michelle loves to cultivate happy homes by putting together smart, de-cluttered, organized spaces. Michelle has light and bright style, with some glitter thrown in. Michelle has four boys and a hubby. She spreads her joyful home skills at and on Instagram @theglitzypear.

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