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5 Organizing Tricks for the Summer Disaster Zone

It’s fun to have the kids home for summer, but at this point, your home is probably a disaster. You’ve got toys, gear, and just random stuff scattered everywhere! It takes some serious organizing tricks to whip things back into shape.

Michelle Inkley shares how to regroup and get this summer struggle back under control.

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Clean Up With These 5 Organizing Tricks

Schedule an Easy Clean-up Each Day

Have one bin/basket/container set in the living room as a catch-all for all the toys, and just stuff, that lands on your floor. Then throughout the day, or at the end of the day, gather it all up and put it in that one basket.

Create a System for Storing Summer Gear

There’s pool bags, car bags, church bags, summer fun bags, the list goes on. If you have a bag packed and ready to go, you’ll never miss out on a great memory.

Keep Small Toy Pieces Together

This is especially useful for small toys with little pieces. Get one box with dividers and put all the components in that one container. Then if your child wants to play with the dolls, or the racecars, you can just pull out that box. Add visual labels that kids can understand to help clean up.

Use Unique Storage Containers

Get creative with your containers. Use whatever you have, lotion bottles, jam jars, anything. Put them in a dresser drawer with a label and you have a perfectly organized system. Here are some examples of creative containers:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Small toolboxes
  • Wire shelves
  • Redvine containers
  • Costco snack containers

Put Toys on Display

Embrace the toys! The kids are little for just a short amount of time. Get some cute jars to put the toys in and place them up on a shelf. Then when the kids want to play with them, they’re right there!

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