“Our Best Bites” – Food Blog

Sara Wells and her friend Kate Jones created a popular food blog that works even cross country.

Sara Wells was born and raised in the Seattle area, and currently resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two sons. A Landscape Designer by profession, her creativity and knack for fresh color and design spills over into her cooking. She’s addicted to grilling, baking, and the general consumption of chocolate.

Kate Jones was born and raised in Logan, Utah and, for all intents and purposes, currently lives on the other side of the world in Louisiana with her husband, son, and daughter. When she’s not in the kitchen or writing about being in the kitchen, she tutors English and essay writing to mostly-grateful teenagers.

Our Best Bites is a fun, fresh food blog created by two talented cooks, Kate Jones and Sara Wells. Both mothers of small children, Kate and Sara know what it’s like to juggle cooking and entertaining with a busy family life. Their blog, www.ourbestbites.com, is full of not only great recipes, but a whole section of tips and tutorials featuring guides on how to do all sorts of things from peeling a head of garlic to cutting a mango to making your own pastry. They also feature unique kitchen projects like homemade spa treatments and kid’s crafts made from things in the pantry. These two girls will not only have you cooking and creating like a pro, but they’ll have you laughing at their hilarious stories and charming descriptions of their culinary adventures.

For more tips, tricks, and tastes from two real-life kitchens visit Kate and Sara’s blog at:

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