Overcoming the Hair Scare

Omar Mendez with Studio Nine Salon shares a few things to think about to help overcome the Hair Scare.


So you want to change your hairstyle. When you finally decide that it’s time to change your hair you should be completely convinced of this idea. There are a few things to consider, once you’ve decided to take the plunge:

1. Know what length of hair you want.

Do you want layers, graduation, or all one length?

2. Are you changing your color?

Do you want Highlights, all over color, color with highlights, etc.

3. Find a picture that is the closet style of what you might have in mind.

4. Consult with your stylist and come to a conclusion of what looks best for you!

5. Just Go For It!

Change is always good, especially if you’ve had your hairstyle for a very long time. You might think of subtle changes to your style throughout the year to keep you from getting bored. We all become creatures of habit and need to freshen up our look every now and then. Build a good relationship with your stylist and you’ll always look great! Now that you have your new look be confident in the choice that you made and don’t let the wizard tell you different. I refer to the wizard as anyone that may be in your life who feels that they have the corner on style, when they are not even in the field of hair styling. Keep in mind the lovely thing about hair is that it continues to grow!


Omar Mendez is a professional stylist with Studio Nine Salon.

To schedule an appointment or consultation, contact him at:

Studio Nine

926 East 900 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84105

(801) 532-2929

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