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Pack along a good book for spring break! Here are 3 to check out…

If you’re gearing up for a family trip during spring break, make sure to pack a great book! From a fictional life lesson find for your kids to a guide on managing screen time, we’ve got you covered.

Melissa Dalton Martinez, Host and Reviewer for the Book Break, shares her three spring read recommendations.

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Melissa’s Picks

“The Legend of the Dream Giants” by Dustin Hansen

My first recommendation is “The Legend of the Dream Giants,” an awesome and fun book for school-aged children with some amazing illustrations that were done by the author himself. This is a story about a lonely giant named Berg who is looking for someone to call “friend.” On his adventures, Berg must learn about trust and discover the true meaning of friendship.


“Balancing Family Screen Time: THE COMPLETE INTERACTIVE EDITION – Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices” by Elizabeth Ernst Densley, BSN

My next recommendation is “Balancing Family Screen Time: Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices.” This is one of three new books by Elizabeth Ernst Densley. All three books have the same title, but one is the main book without the activities and one is a “Workbook Edition” without the main text. The “Complete Interactive Edition” conveniently combines the main book and the workbook into one!

Have you ever scrolled mindlessly on your phone, computer, or tablet and suddenly realize hours have passed you by? For our young generations, this device-driven lifestyle is all they know. In this book, you will learn how you can rewire your and your children’s brains to limit screen time and spend more quality time together.


“What the Single Eye Sees: Faith, Hope, Charity & the Pursuit of Discipleship” by Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis

My final recommendation is “What the Single Eye Sees: Faith, Hope, Charity & the Pursuit of Discipleship.” Around the Easter season, I know many of us are looking for ways to be more charitable, and this is a great book to begin that journey. This book is a way to restore your hope and nourish your spirituality during trying times. As you strengthen your faith, you will also deepen your understanding, and learn to practice charity.

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