paint set

Pack along a mini paint set! Here’s how to upcycle common items into a creative outlet

Pop a mini paint set into your purse.

It fits in your handbag – it’s about the size of your phone. But when it comes to precious moments of downtime, you’ll want to open your pocket paint palette rather than a screen.

Watercolor artist Natalie Malan tells how to make an upcycled craft project for the practicing painter.

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Natalie Malan is an Illustrator with a BFA in illustration from BYU. Traditional media is her first love, but somehow Illustrator and Photoshop also stole her heart. You’ll see Natalie’s name on fabric and embroidery products at Walmart and hobby stores, find her art prints with Minted and a myriad paper and scrapbooking supplies.

Natalie is the mom to four kids under the age of 10 who love to draw and paint. And is lucky to be married to fellow illustrator Dave Malan. Who also happens to be kind of ok at drawing.

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