paper mache

Paper mache will keep the kids busy for a while! Here’s how to do it successfully

Try a paper mache project this summer.

If you want kids off screens, get them into an art project. One that always gets their interest is paper mache. It’s a really engaging longer activity that stretches over a few days, and you can get a really great result.

Art instructor Laurie White shares how to be successful with paper mache.

Find more ideas from Laurie on Instagram, @greatartistmom, at, or on YouTube. Download Laurie’s instruction sheet here.


Laurie White is a mother of 7, an art teacher and the creator of the Great Artist Program which is an elementary art education curriculum with the mission: “Finding the Great Artist in Every Child.” The Great Artist Program is used in elementary schools across the United States.

Laurie has been teaching and volunteering in elementary schools and her home for over 25 years. Laurie is passionate that every child is an artist, and creating art brings JOY.

Find Laurie’s art resources at and @greatartistmom on Instagram.

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