Paralegal Studies Class Offered at LDS Business College

Many people are underemployed these days, working in jobs with little future. They want a way to improve their skills and increase their income through education, but can’t attend classes because they work all day.

Kimberly Garner, a Utah attorney who directs the Paralegal Studies Program at LDS Business College, offers a solution: Paralegal training.

A Paralegal is a professional assistant to an attorney who spends time in the court room, communicates directly with clients, completes investigations, gathers evidence, evaluates cases and claims, helps prepare for and sits in on depositions, does research, and prepares drafts of legal documents. “It’s an exciting field, and so much more than regular secretarial work,” Garner said.

But working all day makes it difficult to go to school too. A person can earn a two-year Paralegal degree entirely at night at LDS Business College, according to Garner, who adds that a financial incentive really sets this program apart. The college offers half-tuition scholarships to all qualifying students who attend evening classes exclusively, in all programs. Evening classes are those beginning at 4 p.m. or later. So for the same amount of time invested in education, a person can earn a higher entry-level salary than most other two-year degree professions. Paralegal Studies’ instructors are practicing professionals, so students learn current information from those working in the field.

Getting the job after graduation can be challenging, especially when most employers want experience along with the education. “We address that problem with internships,” Garner said. Students have the option to complete an internship with a law firm as part of their program requirement, giving them the experience they need for their resume, while polishing their skills. These internships often lead to job offers. “Local law firms actually contact us, requesting our students to fill their positions, based on their prior experience with our students,” Garner said.

Learn more about the Paralegal Studies program at LDS Business College on their website at, or call 801-524-8100.

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