Patio Furniture

Teresa Hansen with RC Willey and Ezine Articles provide 8 rules to buying patio furniture to help you enjoy your patio more.

1. As with any furniture purchase, step back and look at the space you want to fill. Begin by thinking of what you’ll need. Is it for dining, big dinner parties, outdoor parties, or just lounging? Deciding what you’ll use the space for will help you begin to figure out what you’ll need.

2. Imagine what you want the space to look like. Do you want a seating area where a lot of people can converse? Or do you want a place where you can be alone and read? Do you want a place to watch TV? Knowing how you want the area to look will also help you figure out what to get and how much.

3. When you’re ready to start looking at patio furniture, look at the warranty and care instructions. Make sure the furniture is durable and the parts are easy to replace. Decide what works for you as far as the amount of maintenance needed. Some furniture has to consistently be covered when bad weather approaches or the cushions have to be stored when it rains. Do you really want to spend all your time looking at the weather channel?

4. Be aware that different materials convey various styles and eras. Wrought iron is thought of as Victorian, wicker is romantic and wood feels rustic and warm. Decide what style you want to convey.

5. Make sure fabrics are water-resistant and plan to retreat these annually. Also, check that hardware and brass are galvanized and stain-resistant.

6. Shop with a budtget in mind, but look for value over price.

7. Look for bargains in floor models, pieces with minor scratches or discontinued styles. You might be able to find sets that are missing a cushion, for example, and you can get a deal on that.

8. Check the internet for deals on the patio set you just saw at the store. Many times the internet can confirm whether you are getting a good deal or not.

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