peach fuzz in florals
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Peach Fuzz in Florals: How to use this peachy tone in flower arranging

Try adding Peach Fuzz in florals!

The Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, is perfectly executed in florals.

Tesla Welch, a florist who knows her color combinations, shares her insight.

To see more of Tesla’s work, visit @bloomsbytesla.


How to Use Peach Fuzz in Florals

Try Monochromatic

Tesla’s first tip is to go monochromatic. Keeping to shades and tones of the peach color will allow you to keep a soft feel. If you want a more bold palette, you can pair peach with fuchia and bring in a punch of color.

Wedding Guest Attire

Another fun idea for tying in the color theme for a wedding is to suggest the guests dress in the color. Simply add a guest attire card in your wedding invitation to let guests know and bring the color theme into even more aspects of the event.

Peach for Bereavement

When using peach for bereavement florals, the color invokes feelings of connectivity, warmth, and peace. Tesla suggests sending blooms as part of a sympathy bouquet or even on a casket spray or funeral wreath. Add a note explaining why you chose the specific flowers or colors because of what it reminds you about the person you are honoring.

Look for Long-Lasting Silks

Peach Fuzz florals can also be used in home décor arrangements and are readily available in silks to add to long-lasting arrangements.

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