Pencil Vase Centerpiece

Pencil Vase Centerpiece

Step out to school the “write” way. Make a vase of apple-oreos for the teacher. Or better yet, put it on the kitchen table for a first day favor and centerpiece.

Candice Needham with The Book Table shares amazing ideas for making back-to-school a party.

Instructions for the Pencil Vase Centerpiece

Step 1: Gather your supplies:
– Canned food with a pop top (or a can cut with a safety edge can opener)
– Florist foam or styrofoam
– 2 boxes of pencils
– Scissors and hot glue

– Strip of paper that you like

– Apple sticker for center of medalion

Step 2:

– Empty out the contents of your canned food and save for another use. Wash and dry out the can and place a small piece of florist foam inside.

Step 3:

– Using a hot glue gun, place glue in a vertical line from the bottom to the top of your can and press one pencil into the glue, holding until the glue dries. Be sure not to skimp on the glue – you’ll want your pencils to stay put.

Step 4:

– Repeat step 3 over and over again with more pencils until you’ve completely covered the can.

Step 5:

– Cut a strip of your printed green paper into a “ribbon” to wrap around the pencils on your can. Fit it around the center of the pencils and hot glue in place.

Step 6:

– Make circle on white card-stock and place apple sticker on it. Then mat is with green and black card-stock then clip edges and separate from each other back and forth.


What you’ll need:

– Wilton Shaped Party cellophane bags (I bought mine at Walmart)

– Red candy melts

– Wooden skewers

– Double Stuff Oreos

– Green Air Heads candy

– Stick pretzels

– Sharp Knife

– Shredded red tissue paper

– Pencil vase or another simple vase to hold your apple pops

Step 1: Melt your chocolate in a double boiler following the instructions on the candy melts bag. Freeze Oreo cookies in freezer for an hour. Then place skewer in Oreo and dip in chocolate.

Step 2: Place a small piece of pretzel stick with a little melted chocolate on it as well. This will help the pretzel stay in place.

Step 3: Then with the green airhead shape a leaf and dip in a little chocolate and stick it by the pretzel.

Step 4: Cover with sucker bag twist on tie. Then stick in floral foam in vase.

Step 5: Place your shredded tissue paper in-between the apple pops.

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