Perfect Pendant Lighting

Light up your life by re-vamping the way you light each space of your home!
Studio 5 Design Contributor Lauren Oviatt enlightens us about pendant lights, one of her favorite features to put in every home.

Adding decorative lighting to a space is arguably my favorite in any space I design. Decorative lighting is under-appreciated, often-forgotten, and usually more affordable and easily installed than you think. Selecting these light fixtures can instantly add appeal to your space, and what’s more, it says something about you. Today there are styles and applications for everyone, and I think everyone needs to give this design idea some serious consideration.

clear glass (blown glass)
industrial (metal)
beaded (crystal or wooden)

colored (glass)

Kitchen Sink –
When space is limited for other decorative lighting in the kitchen, install a pendant over your sink. Usually that space presents a great picture frame for creating a beautiful display with lighting. Favorite finds for this space are glass fixtures that have a sparkly edge to them. And I prefer those that are delicate instead of over scaled.

Kitchen Island –
Absolutely makes more sense to use quantities over an island, as one fixture usually looks very out of scale and out of place. I prefer using a pair of matching pendants to play up the idea of repetition. These days you’ll see larger pendants being used over islands as opposed to the small-scale, stringy pendants that came before. Love this look!

Talk about glam. I love the idea of hanging pendants over a vanity in a powder room, guest bath or master vanity where you can flash your fancy side. Just like sconces on the wall should frame your face with light for maximum appeal, pendants should hang low enough to offer that same flattering light. My pick here is something sparkly!

When you have a large, tall space like a stairwell or two-story entry, using pendants in multiples makes a very unique, visually appealing statement. These features end up looking like a piece of art and give the opportunity to create levels or layers of light. Tip: hang them at different heights and in a circular pattern.

Front Porch
Call me a Southern traditionalist… I am a sucker for decorative lighting at a home’s entryway. If you have a nice covered porch, consider hanging a pretty lantern or glass fixture that will add something extra to your curb appeal. It gives your entry something extra and offers an inviting touch to your exterior.

Lauren Oviatt is a designer with Oviatt Design, 826 West Shepard Lane, Farmington.

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