Photo Board Center

Photo Board Center
With a little vision and creativity anyone can make a beautiful knock-off version of the pottery barn photo board; and it will only cost you pennies on the dollar for what you would spend on the original.

Brett Lund from Robert’s Crafts is here to show you how to create your own photo board center.


· All paper, bling, and buttons is by Cosmo Cricket

· White canvas size 16″ x 20″

· Pink ribbon

· Material

· Staple gun

· Clothes pins

· Glubers by Cosmo Cricket


1. Cover the canvas with the piece of material. Make sure you stretch the sides of the material as you staple it to the back of the canvas.

2. Staple all 4 sides of the material onto the canvas.

3. Measure all the sides and find equal points, this is where you are going to staple your ribbon.

4. I found that if I started in one corner and diagonally went to the over corner and then stapled, it was easier to figure out where the other ribbon went.

5. Staple all the ribbon onto the canvas. Remember to alternate the ribbon over and under each other.

6. For the flowers, take ribbon, or paper and wrap around the gluber, pleating as you go along. This creates the look of the pleated flower.

7. Add bling, buttons, and paper circles to the center of your flowers.

8. Stick the flowers onto your canvas.

9. For the clothes pins, take patterned paper and glue it to the clothes pins.

10. Attach buttons to the top of the clothes pins.

11. Add bling to the top of the clothes pins.

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