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Photo Bucket List: Make your summer photos pop with these 10 picture ideas

Get great summer photos with a little expert advice.

You’re going to be snapping photos all summer long, but we’re challenging you to get a little more intentional with those camera clicks. We’re rolling out the ultimate summer photo bucket list from candid moments at the beach to creative shots in nature. Summer really is the perfect time to capture precious moments with your loved ones – you’ll look back, you’ll feel, you’ll remember.

Photographer and photo instructor Tressa Stevens shared the 10 shots you will want to turn into a beautiful summer album.


1. Close-ups of Kids or Nature


Capture the little details that often go unnoticed. Zoom in on your child’s eyelashes or the texture of a leaf. The key is to get close and focus on the subject.


2. Far Away Shots


Sometimes, you need to step back to appreciate the bigger picture. Capture the vastness of a landscape or the hustle and bustle of a beach scene.


3. Creative Water Shots


Summer and water go hand in hand. Capture the joy of splashing in the pool or the serene reflection on a calm lake. Play with angles and lighting to add a creative twist.


4. Sunlight


Sunlight can transform an ordinary photo into something magical. Capture the way it filters through the leaves or how it highlights your child’s hair.


5. Nature


From bugs to flowers, nature offers endless opportunities for interesting shots. Capture your child’s fascination with a caterpillar or the beauty of a blooming flower.


6. Bird’s Eye View


Change your perspective by taking a photo from above. This could be your child playing in the grass or a colorful picnic spread.


7. The Sky from Below


Look up and capture the vastness of the sky. This could be a clear blue sky, a dramatic sunset, or a starry night.


8. Capture Movement


Instead of posed shots, capture your child in action. This could be them running in the yard, jumping into the pool, or dancing in the rain.


9. Everyday Life


Capture the simple moments that make up your everyday life. This could be your child enjoying a smoothie, reading a book, or playing with their toys.


10. Play with Focus


Experiment with focus to add depth to your photos. You could focus on a flower in your child’s hand with a blurry background, or vice versa.

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