Photo Tree in a Frame

Candice Needham with The Book Table shares this fun fall project.

Materials needed

• Any type of frame, any color or style. At least 11×14 in size.

• Ribbon (any type or color 3/8-5/8 in. works best)

• A branch or some Silk Flowers that will fit the season

• Scrapbook Paper that matches the season

• Adhesive

• Close pins or something comparable.


1. Take your frame and lay it in front of you on your table.

2. Take the end of your ribbon and tie a knot around the bottom right hand corner of your frame.

3. Take your ribbon and wind it around your frame moving upward towards the left top corner, and tie another knot.

4. Take your flowers and twigs and thread them through your ribbon (the ribbon acting as the support).

5. Take your photos and mount them to your paper and embellish how you want.

6. Take your picture and, using your close pin, hang it from either a branch or from the ribbon. You may want to hang a quote or a leaf of anything that will match with your theme.

7. Hang and enjoy!!

For all of your paper project and scrapbooking supply needs, visit:

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