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Float your photo valentines on balloons! Three cute ways to show love through pictures

Photo valentines show your love through memories.

It’s time for Valentines and we are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to tell that special someone how we feel about them. What better way to tell them than to SHOW them?

Chari Pack, with Persnickety Box, has mastered the quality photo printing, and shares us three ways we can use photos in our displays of love.

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3 Ideas for Photo Valentines

Floating Photo Balloons

For a major impact and beautiful surprise, fill a room with photos magically floating from balloons. You simply tie photos onto the string of the balloon and the photo itself works as a weight to bring the balloon down so it looks like the photos are floating through the room.

Heart Wall Collage

Another impactful way to show your love through photos is to create a heart shaped collage on a wall. Simply attach your photo prints to the wall in a heart pattern. The recipient will love the gesture and the time pouring over all the memories.

Photo Classroom Valentines

Kids can get in on the photo fun as well. Use photos as their class valentines. With fun templates or even just printed photos they can write on, you can create a personalized Valentine with meaning.

Chari Pack is the founder and owner of Persnickety Box. To learn more, visit and follow them on Instagram @persnicketybox.

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