Picture Perfect: How to Look Great in Every Photo

Professional photographer, Jessica Kettle solves FIVE of the most common photo phobias.

Problem #1: Your photos look too posed

Remember to talk, laugh and joke with the photographer. A good photographer will take time to make eye contact and engage with her subject, whether child or adult. If you are looking at the photographer instead of the camera, it will result in a more natural look and more genuine smiles.

Problem #2: You end up with unflattering angles

A good photographer should position herself slightly about her subject. This streamlines their features, making the face more angular and slim. It also forces the subject to look up at the photographer, giving the appearance of larger, brighter eyes.
For full body shots, avoid facing the camera straight on; turning your body slightly. Keep your chin down and eyes up and make sure your pose feels comfortable.

Problem #3: You’re caught with a double chin

Don’t lean back too far and don’t suck your chin in while smiling. Keep your chin down and out while slightly turning your head.

Problem #4: You always close your eyes

Start with your eyes closed! Once you’re posed and smiling, close your eyes and let the photographer count to three – on the count of three open your eyes so the photographer can start snapping.

Problem #5: Your clothes never seem flattering

It is a very common misconception that you need to wear very simple attire for photographs. NOT TRUE! The more layers, detail and texture you add, the more interesting your photo will be. No need to go overboard, but wear something fun and funky that you love! Ruffles, accessories, buttons, and fun colors are recommended. Always wear something that makes you feel gorgeous while representing your style. And of course, you should always be comfortable.

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