Planning Ahead: 24 Hour Kit

Mike Leavitt, from Leanett’s Mortuary and Aultorest Memorial Park explains what should be part of it.

According to Leavitt’s Mortuary/Aultorest Memorial Park President and CEO Mike Leavitt, “By making a plan in advance of your death or in the event that you’re incapacitated, you’re really making things easier and less stressful for your friends and relatives. You’re also creating an environment that can eliminate family arguments about finances, health treatment, funeral services and more.”

In order to help people get organized, Leavitt’s is now giving away special 24-hour kits. The free kits can be picked up at Leavitt’s Mortuary and Aultorest Park at 836 36th Street in Ogden.

Leavitt says the kit will help people organize the following:

-Current living will. “Most people don’t know that the Utah Medical Association changed the guidelines for living wills, also known as advance health directives, in 2008. Living wills provide a list of instructions about what types of medical treatments you want to receive if you are no longer able to make decisions because of illness or incapacity. Usually, a living will is accompanied by a power of attorney or health care proxy, where someone is appointed by you to make decisions on your behalf if you’re incapacitated,” Leavitt said.

-Personalized emergency information card. This card, which is about the size of a credit card, contains your doctor’s name and phone number, the hospital of your choice, a list of your regular medications and other important health care information (like allergies to specific medications). Leavitt suggests you carry a copy of this card in your wallet.

-Memorial guide. This provides a place for you to compile essential information that must be provided within 24 hours of your death. This information will help your survivors complete a death certificate and obituary. It will also provide a comprehensive list of your personal final wishes.

-Personal planning guide. This guide contains your personal thoughts, your fondest memories and accomplishments. It also serves as a record for where your important documents are located (like your will, insurance policies, bank accounts and property locations).

“Leavitt’s Mortuary and Aultorest Memorial Park have been an important part of the Ogden community since 1929. As such, it has served generations of Weber and Davis County residents,” Leavitt said.

For more information, you can visit

Leavitt’s Mortuary and Aultorest Memorial Park

836 36th Street in Ogden, Utah


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