Plant New Looks for Fall

As summer winds down, it’s actually one of the best times to do some planting. A common misconception is that you can’t plant much during fall, but some plants do best this time of year.

Brian Lloyd, from Olson’s Greenhouse, shares some tips for the best fall planting.

1. Fall is for Planting
The cool nights and long growing season set us up for beautiful fall displays in the home landscape. The warm days and cool nights help flowers to establish quickly and bloom exceedingly! Most fall planted varieties can take some light frost, so our gardens can look great clear through Thanksgiving. Remember the typical fall favorites like pansies and mums, but don’t forget other great fall items like kale, snapdragons, perennials, and containers.

2. Two Seasons of Color for the Price of One

Did you know that pansies are actually a perennial? We call them annuals mostly because they don’t survive through our summer heat, but they can be planted in the fall for amazing late season displays, then they’ll return early next Spring for stunning early season color. Plant your favorite colors in the ground anytime in September for double your pleasure! Take at a look at the newest genetics of pansies in Cool Wave, which are spreading pansies, and get more coverage for less moola.

3. How to Select Mums
Mums are a traditional fall staple, but still increasing in sales all the time. They do awesome when planted in the ground, and even better when used in containers. To get the most enjoyment from your garden mum, pick plants that are in the earliest stages of their bloom cycle. You can get a longer season of enjoyment from your garden mums than most of the annuals planted back in spring, if you select plants that are just cracking bud.

You can find Olson’s Greenhouse plants at all Home Depot and Walmart stores.

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