Plastic Spoon Mirror

Give your walls personality and texture with a DIY project all of your friends will be buzzing about.

Blogger Tausha Hoty with Sassy Style Redesign shares step by step instructions to make a stunning stand-out mirror using spoons!

Supplies needed to make a spoon mirror

Spoons-you will need about 300 to make a mirror that is 20″ across. The best place to buy spoons is at Family Dollar. You can pick them up in packs of 48 for a dollar. These particular spoons are very easy to cut.

Cardboard- you will use this to make a wreath form. You need your wreath form to be flat, so that is why cardboard is a good choice.

Hot glue- Make sure that your glue gun gets really hot. If you normally use a cool touch glue gun, you will want to switch. If the glue is not super-hot, the spoons will fall off when the glue dries.

Round mirror-Depending on the size of spoon mirror that you want to make, will depend on the size of mirror that you need. I used a 10″ mirror for a 20″ wide across spoon mirror. You can pick these up at Zurchers, Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby.

Spray paint Primer and your choice of Spray paint color

Scissors & pencil

Check out Tausha’s blog, for detailed instructions to make your own spoon mirror.

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