pool style
Casey Matheny

Pool Style 2021: 5 outfits that are easy, breezy, AND pretty

This year’s pool style is put together, yet functional!

During the summer, many families basically live at the pool. If you’re looking for something to wear over your suit other than shorts and a t-shirt, a whole line up of outfits will give you some inspiration. These looks are just fashionable enough for you to feel put together, but not so much that you will feel overdressed.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares five outfits that are simple and pretty. Did you know H&M actually has great swimming suits? Casey shares a favorite, and what to pair with it for a complete look.

Find more style inspiration from Casey at www.caseymatheny.com, or on YouTube. Find all of these pieces on her Instagram, @caseymathenystyle.

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