porch pots

Keep your porch pots blooming all year long! Here’s what to plant for fall…

You can keep your porch pots around for every season.

All summer those blooming porch pots are the gateway to your doorstep, and they can keep on carrying that spark of life to the front walk, long after the flower beds are faded and gone. Front porch pots can be your holiday greeters. It’s all what you put in them.

Master gardener Tara Mayoros shares some ideas.

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Tara Mayoros is an author of several books, screenwriter to over a dozen films in production, film director, set designer, talent scout, business woman, master gardener, and DIYer. Her work has been featured from Disney to HGTV and many places in between. For inspiration, Tara heads to the rugged Utah mountains to either snow ski or water ski with her husband and children. She loves Dr. Pepper and Indian food. You can find her at @TaraCottaPots, @TaraMayoros on Instagram.

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