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The Power of an Involved Father: 4 ways dads impact a child’s life

An involved father has a profound impact on his kids.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate the men who play a crucial role in our lives. While dads are often stereotyped as the ones playing catch in the yard or grilling burgers out back, their strengths extend far beyond these clichés.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend explained that there is hard evidence to suggest that having an involved father is crucial to a child’s emotional well-being.



The Importance of an Involved Father

The key word here is ‘involved.’ The research comes from the Father Involvement Research Alliance, which gathers academics from all over the country to study fathers and fatherhood initiatives. The data is clear: when a dad steps into his role as an essential part of the parenting plan, it makes a difference. As Matt said, “Dads matter.”

Involved Dads Teach Kids to Manage Emotions

One of the most significant findings from the research is the essential role dads play in the emotional, psychological, and overall well-being of their family and children. Dads teach their children how to manage emotions. As Matt explained, “When dads overstimulate the kids… they have to learn to then calm down. If they want to keep playing with dad and dad keeps overstimulating, it helps the child learn to manage their emotion.”

Involved Dads Set the Standard for Trust

Involved fathers teach their children valuable life lessons. They set the bar standard for trust in all future relationships. They turn their children toward the world, encouraging them to explore and take risks.

Involved Dads Compliment Involved Moms

A dad’s firm approach and a mom’s higher frequency of interaction create an effective co-parenting system. Dads are more willing to confront the child on a discipline action, while moms usually have significantly more touches with them. This balance fosters a healthy and effective approach to discipline for children.

The Simple Moments Matter

One of the most beautiful sentiments from the research is that a dad’s greatest lessons are taught in the most simple way. It’s not the big trips that make the dads or the families. It’s just the simple, quiet little moments with dad in the house that tend to be the most bonding and the most essential to long-term growth.

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