The Power of Relatability

Relatability is a big theme in society today. We’re drawn to people who are open, down to earth, and real.

Tiffany Peterson shares how we can learn to be that relatable person and connect with others.


The Power of Relatability

Connection – it’s what we crave in our relationships. It’s what makes our friendships and marriages thrive and is the foundation of a successful personal brand. At the heartbeat of connection with others is the power of relatability. Are you relatable? Interesting? Charismatic?

The following are five tools life coach Tiffany Peterson says will help you cultivate the attribute of relatability.

1. Authenticity is the new black

People crave authenticity. Be real. Be genuine. “To thine own self be true” takes on a larger influence than yourself – it actually leads to trust and connection with others as well. So be you. Own who you are. Share who you are with others. People will find you more relatable as you do this.

2. Share your imperfect self

Share your real life with others. It may be “Instagramming” a stack of dishes or a makeup free selfie. These moments gain traction because other people get to see the real you. In the day of highlight reels, filtered pictures, and the regular sharing of “perfection,” don’t hinder your ability to connect. While you don’t need to share intimate details of your life or play down your happiness or achievements, allowing others to know and see the “imperfections” will help them know that you’re human.

3. Practice the mantra of ask more, talk less.

Humans have a craving to feel heard and understood. One way to build relatability is to ask intentional questions to those in your circle of influence. Seek to understand. Listen. You will build deeper relationships and connections as you do this.

4. Be interested versus interesting

We spend so much of our time focused on how to appear interesting to others. The irony is that people view us as more interesting when we care about them. Focus in on others’ needs. Get to know them. Share their feelings. Learn their hobbies.

5. Find the common ground

Humans have many differences so it can be difficult to find common ground. Most people care about health, happiness, kindness, and love. Focus in on these common traits. Be open and interested in others. Seek the good and cultivate it. Common ground is there if we seek to find it.

Tiffany Peterson is a life coach committed to helping others overcome their obstacles and achieve their fullest potential. She considers speaking and coaching not only a job but a calling.

She has had the privilege of speaking and working with companies such as eBay, OC Tanner, Intermountain Healthcare, and Mountain America Credit Union. Her principle-based approach is designed to help people and organizations realize their personal and professional goals.

Tiffany spends her free time reading, enjoying nature, and supporting Salt Lake City’s homeless population. She is focused on helping others become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.  

Find more of Tiffany’s advice on her website,

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