wax seal
Betsy Goodman

Pressed flowers in a wax seal? Here’s the dreamy, modern look of this old tradition

This old art form is popular again!

Brides are packaging announcements with wax seals. Even a Christmas card or two arrived stamped with wax. This old tradition is art. It lends authority, and seems to be resurging at this moment in our digital age.

Betsy Goodman is a hand-lettering artist and wax-seal maker. She joined Studio 5 to share some creative ways to enjoy this old-fashioned art.

Find more inspiration from Betsy on Instagram, @bgoods.lettering, or at www.bgoodslettering.com.


3 Creative Ways to Use a Wax Seal

Sticker Style, floated with dried flowers, confetti, even gold flakes

These are made in bulk and affixed to envelope or paper with a sticker.

Melted Gift Topper

Melt wax atop a gift for a unique and personalized embellishment..

Enhanced Envelope Seal

This is the traditional method of melting directly to an envelope and enhancing with small bits of greenery.

Betsy Goodman is a hand-lettering artist and wax seal designer. Join up with her lettering and wax seal subscription box where she sends seal supplies and a lettering project each quarter. Find and follow Betsy at @bgoods.lettering on Instagram.

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