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Craft up the prettiest love notes! 7 lovely ideas with a handmade touch

All these love notes have that pretty factor.

Whatever sentiments you write for Valentine’s Day, plain paper is certainly enough. But, if you’re on the pretty side of paper – we’ve got you. So many women love stationery, pens, and all the ribbons that go with it.

Betsy Goodman knows all about it. Get inspired to make your own flower notes, envelopes, groovy cards, folded hearts, and even more!

Find more ideas from Betsy on Instagram, @bgoods.lettering.


Betsy Goodman is a hand-lettering artist and wax seal designer. Join up with her lettering and wax seal subscription box where she sends wax seal supplies and a lettering project each quarter. Find and follow Betsy at @bgoods.lettering on Instagram.

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