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Make a DIY prize ribbon! 4 creative ways to celebrate a major milestone…

If someone you know is celebrating a major milestone, find a fun way to celebrate! These creative ideas will let the people you love know that you’re proud of them.

Celeste Whitney shares four ideas to make the people in your life feel special.


Hip Hooray!  What to give for graduations, retirements and happy achievements

Soon you’ll be congratulating the graduate. Thanking a coach. Clapping for the one who gets an award. Honoring a retiree you know and love.

These four new ideas (and the printables to go with them) will help you show support and love.

Fancy Prize Ribbon

Just a few weeks ago Celeste had a friend pass a hard test, a niece in the hospital and another niece that made cheerleader and this was the perfect gift for all three (also fabulous for graduation or retirement). It’s a way to say “that was tough but you were tougher” in a pretty way that they can keep and be reminded of their achievement.

Morse Code Bracelets

Send a cheesy message of congratulations and admiration with a string of dots and dashes.  Morse code bracelets are a small, discrete but a constant reminder to them of their accomplishment.

Click here to find the “Fearless” morse code bracelet card. Click here find the blank card.

Find the morse code key here.

Advice Jar Reinvented

We’ve heard of adding advice to a jar with parenting advice for an expecting mother but how about helping a newly retired friend build their bucket list. You could share your favorite memories. You could give job advice for the new graduate. Just set out a stack of inexpensive tags, pens and pencils, plus a jar or bucket to collect notes in. You could also collect texts or emails and turn them into a simple keychain flip book.

Click here for the job advice printable, and here for the bucket list advice printable.

Sparkling Cider Labels

Burn off this printable that reads, “You Did It!” Affix it to a bottle of bubbly. Super quick and easy!

Click here for the printable.

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