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Pull out all the candles for Halloween! Here’s how to hack them for maximum spook

Decorating with candles for Halloween really ups the spook factor.

Candles always set the mood. Bring them out of the box, because for Halloween, they are a decorator’s secret weapon. A pillar candle, a taper, a votive – brand new, used, or battery-operated, it doesn’t matter. You can easily use candles in creative ways to spook-up the place.

Melissa Eror, design team manager at Modern Display, shares how to hack your candles for the holiday.


How to Decorate With Candles for Halloween

  • Display on a Paper Fan
  • Make a Candle Cuff
  • Catch in a Spiderweb
  • Make Glowy Ghosts

Melissa Eror is an interior designer, and design team manager at Modern Display. Visit the new Modern Display store at 5959 So. State St., Murray.

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