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Quaran-memes: 10 of our favorites that will make you laugh this week

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying…so here are some of our favorite memes of the week!

By Lauren Tippetts

Quarantine has us feeling all kinds of stress and anxiety. One way to lighten the mood is a good round up of memes! Let the heaviness of the situation melt away, just for a little while. We guarantee you at least one good laugh, if not more.

1. Our poor puppers are going to have some interesting haircuts…

2. Our calendar these days…

3. Best class schedule ever!

4. Coronavirus and earthquakes and more earthquakes, oh my!

5. When time travel is invented, best to avoid 2020 all together.

6. The question of the year…

7. Rapunzel was ahead of her time! Now your going to be singing this song all day.

8. And we thought the month of January was long!

9. A khaki one.

10. See you in 2021, Olympics!


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