Quick Tips for a Fresh Summer Bed

Designer Lauren Stimpson-Oviatt says just take off the heaviness by just dressing your bed differently, and substituting a few key pieces in lighter shades and textures.

    • To get the ‘hotel look’, simply fold your fitted    sheet down over your coverlet or duvet – it    adds instant appeal and shows off a great    pattern or color underneath.

    • Pare down the pillows! Instead of layering    lots of small decorative pillows on the front of    the bed, choose one or a few ‘statement’    pillows that are larger in scale. They’ll stand    alone and cut your time making the bed in    half!

    • Another option: Fold a heavy coverlet at the    base of the bed. Layer a light quilt or    textured blanket across the main area of the    bed.

    • Whites and creams are the best neutral!    They’ll match anything and are the first step    toward brightening the bed.

    • Don’t be afraid to mix stripes and florals – just    keep your color palette in mind and have fun    experimenting with the things you love!

    • A light palette doesn’t necessarily mean a    feminine palette. Look for linen and cotton    fabrics blends with a more tailored design    like box pleats, pillows with minimal fringe,    sheets and duvets with stitch detailing    instead of added ruffles.

Lauren Stimpson Oviatt

Oviatt-Pratt & Associates

Interiors & Design



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