Raised Bed Gardening

Horticulturist, Jerry Goodspeed is the director of The Ogden Botanical Gardens and he says raised bed gardens have a lot to offer.

1. Benefits of a raised bed

a. Reduces soil compaction

b. Easier to improve soils

c. Improved drainage

d. soils warm earlier

e. Lengthen growing season

f. Easier Plant maintenance (less bending)

g. Any Location/site

2. Materials and costs

a. Concrete blocks (cheapest)

b. Pressure treated wood

c. Redwood

d. Cedar

e. “Trex”

3. Soil

a. No Magic Mix

b. 1/2 native soil + 1/2 organic matter.

For more information on raised bed gardens or other gardening topics contact

Jerry L. Goodspeed

Utah State University Extension

Weber County

Director – Ogden Botanical Gardens

(801) 399-8201


For information on upcoming workshops, plant sales, and more go to The Odgen Botanical Gardens’ new blog at http://ogdenbotanicalgardens.blogspot.com/

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