Rate & Reveal: The Best Exfoliators for Summer

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone reveals the best body exfoliators for soft summer skin.

Why exfoliate?

The body sloughs off dead skin cells constantly. Occasionally, some of these dead skin cells stick to the surface of the skin resulting in 2 things:

1) Dead skin cells reflect light in all different directions making the skin appear dull and sallow

2) Surface debris that sits on the skin acts as a barrier, preventing moisture and other nutrients from other products to get into the skin where they can benefit the skin

Exfoliating stimulates blood circulation, resulting in more healthy looking skin.

When to Exfoliate?

Daily exfoliation is not necessary because the skin exfoliates naturally. But in to insure those sticky dead skin cells are removed, aggressive exfoliating 2-3 times a week would be helpful resulting in radiant, healthy looking skin. Remember to exfoliate before applying a sunless tanning product for more even application.
Ingredients often used for exfoliation:

• Crushed nut shells

• Sand

• Sugar

• Salt

• Synthetic wax

• Bamboo

• Jojoba beads

• Chemical extracts

• Pumice

• Oats

• Seeds (poppy, sesame etc)

3 Levels of Exfoliation:

1) LIGHT (for mild, daily exfoliation)

• Use a synthetic, mesh sponge. Frequently used to apply shower gel, these sponges provide very mild exfoliation and are a great way to activate the foam in the gel providing optimum body cleansing. Loose shape quickly which makes less effective. Replace every 2 months. (Mesh sponge Target $1.49)

2) MODERATE (for 3-4 week exfoliation)

• Use a loofah. These natural fiber sponges contain shapes that create moderate exfoliation. Can be used with a gel or alone with water. Use in large circular motions, as smaller motions can be too aggressive. Because they are natural, they will grow fungus in a short period of time. Replace often. (Loofah Bed, Bath and Beyond $4.99)

• Use a body brush. Swept over dry skin before a shower helps to remove particles and debris making the cleansing part of a shower and the moisturizing after a shower more beneficial. (Bed, Bath and Beyond $9.99)

3) AGGRESSIVE (2 times weekly)

• Use Body Gloves. Sometimes with synthetic exfoliation particles, sometimes with loofah particles, these gloves provide heavy exfoliation for all over body use. Replace every 3 months or as needed. Use in large circular motions on dry or wet skin. (Sally Beauty Supply Bath Secrets $3.99)

• Use a body scrub. Often with a scrubbing particle encapsulated in a rich emollient, these scrubs should be used no more than 2 times a week. A very effective method for removing even the most stubborn sticky dead skin cells providing glowing skin. (Bath and Body Works Body scrub $12.00 assorted fragrances)


• Use body exfoliators on your face. Skin on the face is more delicate and thin – body exfoliatiors are too harsh.

• Use exfoliators if you have open wounds, a sunburn or new scars.

• Use aggressive exfoliators too often. This could result in irritated, sensitive skin

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