peach season

Who’s ready for peach season?! 6 places to get your fall fruit fix

Peach season is officially here!

We enjoyed strawberries and raspberries this summer, and the fruit obsession continues as peaches take center stage!

Food editor Chelsea Fairbourn shares peach offerings that are making waves on the scene.

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6 Places to Get Your Sweet Treats for Peach Season

As peach season begins, the flavors are spreading across menus in all kinds of ways. When it comes to trends, sweetness is the name of the game. From predictable options to creative specials, the peachy goodness is all around. While sweet is dominant, the savory side sneaks in as August winds down, introducing peach-infused salads, pizzas, and burgers. Peach season peaks from mid to late August until September, depending on the crop’s yield.

Peach Shakes at Chick-fil-a & Taco Amigo

If you’re a fan of peach shakes, now is the time. Chick-fil-A and Taco Amigo are your go-to spots for creamy peach shakes that hit just right.

Peach Sundae at Burgess Orchards

For those craving a more decadent treat, head over to Burgess Orchards in the Alpine/Highland area. Their peach sundae is a dream come true, featuring layers of peach-infused ice cream and real peach chunks, topped with whipped cream. This walk-up window is your gateway to a peach-infused paradise.

Peach Streusel at Vosen’s Bread Paradise

If pastries are your thing, Vosen’s Bread Paradise in downtown Salt Lake is where the magic happens. Their peach streusel is a must-try, offering layers of peachy goodness. Authentic and delectable, these pastries are perfect for grab-and-go indulgence.

Peach Ice Cream at Peach City

Peach City in Brigham City is a gem known for its fries and peach ice cream. While they occasionally surprise diners with savory specials, their peach ice cream remains a guaranteed delight.

Tagges Fruit Stand

For those looking to experiment at home, Tagges is your source for fresh peaches and jams that will elevate your culinary creations.

Peach Tart Recipe

If you want to create peach magic in your own kitchens, Suzy Robertson has a delicious peach tart recipe. The heavenly tarts that once graced Sandy’s Fine Foods and Catering in Ogden can now be made at home, thanks to Suzy’s tutorial. It’s a nostalgic treat that will transport you back to cherished memories.

From drive-through shakes to bakery delights and homemade treats, this peach season promises to be flavor-packed. Keep your taste buds primed and your eyes peeled for these peachy indulgences that’ll add a burst of joy to your palate.

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