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Religious Resurgence: 4 ways young adults are seeking the spiritual in their lives

We are seeing a religious resurgence right now, even though it may seem like the opposite.

In recent years, the landscape of faith and spirituality in America has undergone significant shifts. While statistics have shown a decline in religious affiliation among young Americans, there are signs that the tide may be turning.

Studio 5 Contributor Shima Baughman has been closely observing this phenomenon.


According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, young Americans are increasingly less likely to identify with organized religion. However, between 2021 and 2022, a surprising trend emerged: 2 percent of people returned to faith. While this percentage may seem small, it represents a significant shift in a demographic that had been steadily moving away from religious affiliations.

Shima’s journey began when she started working with BYU and the Wheatley Institute to explore how religion contributes to human flourishing. Her curiosity led her to TikTok, where she created her own channel called “Closer to Jesus Christ.” Through this platform, she engaged with young people, particularly those interested in Christian and religious content.

The Power of Vulnerability

“Closer to Jesus Christ” is one of many popular social media accounts that discusses religion. Many young, Christian creators on TikTok openly discuss their personal relationships with Jesus Christ and their faith journeys. They break away from traditional didactic approaches and instead offer relatable, dynamic content that’s appealing to young generations. Whether it’s Christian rappers, casual Bible recaps, or heartfelt discussions, these creators are connecting with their audience by sharing their authentic experiences.

The Role of Modern Media

The success of projects like The Chosen, a series depicting the life of Jesus, further illustrates this trend. Nearly 600 million people have watched episodes of The Chosen, and the show’s impact extends beyond entertainment. Viewers often turn to the Bible after watching, seeking to explore the source material that inspired the series. The combination of compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and high-quality production has made ancient truths relevant to a modern audience.

Music as a Bridge

Music plays a crucial role in engaging young people. Take, for instance, the Utah-based interdenominational group “The King Will Come.” Their song “Yet” has garnered 12 million views on YouTube. This group blends different musical styles, including rap, guitar, and drums, to create an interactive worship experience. Their approach bridges the gap between traditional hymns and contemporary music, appealing to a diverse audience.

Spiritual Hunger

Events like the one at Auburn University, where 6,000 students attended and 200 were baptized on the spot, demonstrate a hunger for spiritual connection. Post-pandemic, Shima believes people seek purpose, community, and a relationship with God. The acceptance movement, which encourages open dialogue about mental health and personal struggles, may also contribute to this shift. Young people are unafraid to discuss their faith, and vulnerability sells in this generation.

While the numbers may tell one story, the resurgence of faith among young Americans speaks to a deeper longing. Whether through TikTok, music, or other kinds of media, Shima believes this generation seeks truth, connection, and a genuine encounter with the divine.

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