most versatile piece

Repurpose your decor! This one item is the most versatile piece you’ll ever own…

Got a little red wagon? Here’s why it is the most versatile piece of decor in your home…

When a new holiday comes around, it’s time to change up your decor. Or is it? Why not take some of the decor pieces that are already out give them another go around! There are a bunch of ways to repurpose your decor for use all year long.

Melanie Butcher shares how some vintage pieces can be used in multiple ways to carry you through several holidays. She also shares why a little red wagon might just be the most versatile decor piece in your arsenal.

Find more vintage inspiration from Melanie on Instagram, @vintagecharmhouse.


  • I love your show! One comment… When you have guests you might want to add their name/website/Instagram/Facebook or show their info on the screen. When they give their name or address, it is rarely clear and is unable to understand or hear. I always wait with pen in hand.. and rarely can make out what they said…. especially in such a short time to be able to write it down! 🙂

    • Hi Chris! We actually do put Instagram handles of our guests underneath their name at the beginning of the segment. There are times when websites don’t appear on the screen, but we’ll always link you to them on our website!