Rhodes: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Ready-made dough makes dinner on the grill, easy.
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wraps
12 Rhodes™ Dinner Rolls, thawed to room temperature
olive oil
2 c. cooked, shredded chicken
1 c. buffalo wing sauce
crumbled blue cheese
ranch dressing, if desired

Combine 3 dinner rolls and on a counter sprayed with non-stick cooking spray roll into an
8-inch circle. Brush grill or grill pan, heated to medium, with olive oil. Grill 30-45 seconds
on each side. Repeat with remaining rolls. Combine and heat chicken and wing sauce.
Spoon about 1/2 cup chicken onto wrap. Sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles and drizzle
with dressing, if desired.


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