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Rad RV Makeover: Check out these amazing designer homes on wheels

You update your home, maybe a couple times over the course of it’s life, but what about your RV? The outdated interiors actually have a lot of potential. With a little inspiration and a little know how, you can be riding in style with your own RV makeover!

Eric and Katie Nathey share how they renovated their mobile home, and their advice for starting out on a project like this.

Find more mobile home inspiration on Eric and Katie’s website, www.mountainmodernlife.com, or on Instagram, @mountainmodernlife


  • […] If you want a minimalist room then this is the solution. Adjust the sofa with the room so that it will not be excessive.sourceTo get a spacious room in your minimalist RV room, this is the solution. Place side by side between the bed and sofa so that your space still feels spacious.sourceIf you want a safe place to store your belongings, use a shelf above your RV space. Use white to make your room look clean.sourceTV above the shelf cabinet is the right choice for your minimalist RV room so it doesn’t take up space.sourceSuperb RV room design with two sofas between tables. Complete with carpet to make your space more beautiful.sourceThe work area with a beautiful desk is equipped with a wheelchair so it makes it easy for you to save more after use.sourceA fabulous fireplace room furnished with a beautiful table and sofa makes you feel warm and comfortable.source […]