Salmon and Asparagus Pasta

Salmon and Asparagus Pasta
2 large salmon fillets
16 oz. package angel hair pasta
Lemon pepper
1 bunch asparagus with end clipped
½ c butter
¼ c granulated chicken bouillon
¼ c flour
3 c cream
¼ c white wine
1 ½ c parmesan cheese (dried parmesan, the fresh makes the
pepper sauce really stringy and thick)
4 T lemon rind

Place Salmon fillets on aluminum foil and place on a baking sheet. Brush the fillets with
butter and cover in lemon pepper. Seal the foil and bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 325 degrees.
Then cook the angel hair pasta with a little olive oil and salt. Do not over cook. Cut off
the ends of the asparagus and steam it for 1 ½ minutes.

Take a cube of butter and brown it with chicken bouillon and pepper and ¼ cup flour and scorch
it until it’s brown, stirring constantly. Then slowly fold in the cream, parmesan cheese, 2 tbsp. lemon
rind and white wine. Simmer 3-4 minutes.

Place a row of asparagus and then a portion of angel hair pasta on top of it in the center of the plate.
Drizzle with cream sauce and cover with broken pieces of salmon. Finish by sprinkling ground black
pepper on top. Grate fresh lemon rind, and top with parsley sprig. Ready to serve.

Michelle Huxtable – Author “The Gathering of Friends”

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