Sargent Steam: Getting Rid of Chemicals

Have you ever considered that chemicals you use to clean your home may be harming you in the process?

Joyce Mathie, owner of Sargent Steam is here to teach us what we don’t know about the dangers of cleaning chemicals.

Of the 80,000 known chemicals in America only 2,000 are tested for safety, while everything is tested in Europe and Canada. Steam replaces all the harsh, expensive, consumable, disposable cleaning chemicals you use every day. Some of those chemicals are even left behind even after you’re finished cleaning.

The Sargent Steam machine will clean every surface in your home with ordinary tap water that is heated to 298 degrees to kill and sanitize germs, bacteria, and allergens within 2 seconds of contact. As you can see from the video, germs live on appliances, door handles, light switches, toothbrushes, phones, TV remotes, etc.

The steam machine has a rapid kill rate that cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants. By disinfecting toys and other things about the home, it will prevent germs from spreading from one family member to another.

We are having a “healthy family” event on June 11 at 6:00 pm at our store. In addition, if you let us know you saw this on Studio 5, we will send two cleaning experts with two Sargent Steam machines to your home to train you on how to run the machine and give you a head start on your cleaning. This is valued at $250.

Healthy Family Event

Tuesday June 11

6:00 p.m.

3131 East 3300 South

1 800 SGT STEA(M)

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