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Sargent Steam

For several months we’ve told you about Sargent Steam, the ultimate house-cleaning machine that cleans dirty floors, grimy windows and greasy ovens. But what are some of the fun things the steamer will do for you this time of year?

Joyce Mathie, from Sargent Steam is here to tell us more.

It’s fall canning season. How do we use our Sargent steam machine in preparing the fruit?

This is one of my favorites for canning season. You can slip the skins off peaches and tomatoes using a coffee can with a hole in the lid and the steamer instead of a huge pan of boiling water. The steamer makes this task much safer, easier and is far less messy.

It’s back to school time so let’s clean up those dirty shoes that still fit, but no longer look nice? Now let’s sanitize the inside and remove the crayon from the outside of last year’s lunch box.

Those tricks will really save parents some money. And you can save more by winning a Sargent Steam Cleaner for free.

Go to Sargent Steam Facebook page. Click on the yellow, “win a steam cleaner button”, like us and sign up to WIN! So you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re signing up to win, come in to the store in Salt Lake at 3131 East 3300 South and check out our cleaning system

You can also call us for a free demo in your home at (801) 879-5700 so you can experience the joy of cleaning with a Sargent Steam cleaner.

For more information, or to order online, visit

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