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Saying ‘yes’ is the key to personal growth. Here’s how to find purpose in the second chapter of life

We always want to be working on personal growth.

Life has its seasons. Some are busier and more demanding than others, but the research points to personal growth as a key element of personal happiness. So, when was the last time you really pushed yourself?

Si Foster can speak to the value of a strong “second chapter” stretch! She started a successful blog in her 40s. She wrote a cookbook in her 50s. Served a Church mission to a foreign country – speaking a foreign language – in her 60s!

Si believes where there is risk, there’s reward, and… she believes in saying “yes.” Yes to new experiences, yes to a new purpose, and even yes to discomfort. We pulled Si out of the kitchen to teach us life lessons of wisdom and experience.

Find Si online at, or on Instagram, @abountifulkitchen.

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