School Teacher Picks for Christmas

Margaret Pingree is with Utah Idaho Supply, a great resource for parents. They spoke with teachers around the state to find out what they wish you would get your children or grandchildren for Christmas.

Monkey Math

Retails: $14.99

Monkey Math; The fun way to learn simple addition. Help the monkey balance his bananas. just hang an equal number of bananas on each hand. If your addition is right, the monkeys arms will be level and his eyes will look straight ahead.

Monkey Math encourages preschool-age children to become familiar with numbers while having fun! This game introduces math concepts including number recognition, sorting, counting, and basic addition.

MegaView TV Microscope

Retail $69.99

Reveal magic in everyday objects. The texture of a rock, the fragile wings of an insect, or the veins of a leaf magnified in amazing detail. Now you can view these images live on your television. Features: 200x live video mode; 25x optical mode; had-held or table-top use; 1 video cable; 4 blank slides and slide covers.


Retail: 5.99

If you’ve been craving a new kind of game, IZZI is it! Challenging and beautiful; yet easy to learn! Just match the 64 IZZI tiles to build a square. The only rule to IZZI: the edges of each touching tile must match–black touches black and white touches white.


Retail $16.99

Match Frame (sold separately)

Retail $14.99
FunThinkers Books are packed with educational games and activities that make learning fun. Kids love using the game-like Match-Frame with FunThinkers books. Answers appear like magic in bright color patterns! The self-checking design lets children see immediately how much they know. (Match Frame sold separately.)

FunThinkers come in 3 different levels, spanning ages 4-8.

Book 1 Ages 4-6

Book 2 Ages 5-7

Book 3 Ages 6-8

All of these gifts are available at Utah Idaho Supply stores. There are several locations along the Wasatch Front. To find a store near you, you can visit their website at or call (801) 377-5555.

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