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The Science of a Perfect Christmas Tree: The 4 part formula for a polished look

Decorate the perfect Christmas tree with this formula.

If you’re already feeling the festive itch to bring out your Christmas tree and transform your home into a winter wonderland, you’re not alone. The excitement of decorating is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But how do you give your tree a professionally decorated look without going overboard or falling short?

Designer Sarah Grover says the answer lies in the numbers. She shares how to achieve the perfect, polished tree, breaking down the process into a simple formula.

Sarah offers consultations and design packages. Find her on Instagram, @sarahgroverhome. Mention KSL when booking a mantle and tree design package before Thanksgiving to receive a $200 discount.


The Formula for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Understanding the Tree Formula

Sarah breaks it down into four main elements: different types of ornaments, the number of each type, decorative picks, and garland. The key to success lies in knowing the height of your tree in feet.

  1. Different Types of Ornaments: The number of different types should match the height of your tree. For instance, a seven-foot tree calls for seven different types of ornaments.
  2. Number of Each Type: To determine the range of each ornament type, take the height of your tree, add two, and subtract two. For a seven-foot tree, this means selecting between five to nine ornaments of each type.
  3. Decorative Picks: Multiply the height of your tree by three to find the ideal number of decorative picks for a lush, well-trimmed look.
  4. Garland: For novelty garlands, take the height of your tree and multiply it by nine. Considering the typical length of garlands, divide this total by the length of the garland you prefer.

Armed with these formulas, you can confidently hit the stores early to make sure you have all the ornaments and accessories needed to bring your vision to life.

Pro Tips for Tree Decoration

Instead of sticking to a single size of ornaments, choose round ones in two to three different sizes for visual interest. When it comes to colors, think about a palette rather than a theme. Stick to four colors, including metals like silver and gold.

Sarah also advises against using both garland and picks. Choose one or the other for a balanced look.

Mantle Magic

For those venturing beyond the tree to decorate their mantles, Sarah has formulas for that too. Whether you opt for a traditional or asymmetrical look, the length of your mantle plays a crucial role. For the traditional look, add two feet to your mantle’s length for the base garland. For asymmetry, add four feet to allow for draping.

For the asymmetrical style, layer the picks more closely and use one and a half yards of ribbon for a chic look.

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