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Seasonal Décor Swaps: Seamlessly transition from summer to fall with these 4 ideas

These décor swaps will bridge the gap between summer and fall.

It’s too late for summer décor with summer themes, colors, and motifs. But it feels too early to set out all the pumpkins of fall.

Studio 5 guest Tonia Jardine takes what you might have at home, and transitions it. A few seasonal décor swaps will get you through September.

Find more ideas from Tonia on Instagram, @mrs.twistedsugar.



Tonia Jardine is an entrepreneur, decorator, cookie-maker and effortless hostess. She has a way of giving a storebought item some extra spin with add-ons and alternative uses. Find more innovative home ideas from Tonia on Instagram, @mrs.twistedsugar. And visit Tonia at her new home décor store in Layton, Pink & Pine Home.

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